For over 30 years, TUF-TUG has been trusted by industry leaders to develop and supply the most comprehensive offering of safe-climb systems and rigging gear in the world. Our safety record and supply of over 500,000 systems is unmatched in the industry.



Wind turbine manufacturers require proven safety products that meet demanding specifications. TUF-TUG’s comprehensive line of safe-climb systems, tie-off anchors and custom hardware has been tested and approved by leading turbine developers to meet the most stringent safety demands.



TUF-TUG fall protection equipment assists in providing safe access for the maintenance and inspection of the interior and exterior of climb facilities and hard-to-reach equipment on grain silos and structures.



TUF-TUG’s relationship with the military and automotive industries spans decades with proven experience in the innovative design and testing for ease of use and rugged reliability.


Outdoor Advertising

Trained technicians are often called upon to quickly service billboards and digital signage. TUF-TUG systems ensure the fall protection of technicians as they climb to maintain and service a vast network of outdoor structures.



Transmission towers, structures and vaults provide critical infrastructure to meet the demanding energy requirements of consumers. With an unparalleled safety record, TUF-TUG fall protection equipment is trusted by utility crews to safely and quickly service and repair these valuable assets.


Oil & Gas

TUF-TUG safe-climb systems are engineered for harsh environmental conditions. Whether your project requires standard finishes or corrosion-resistant materials for off-shore projects, TUF-TUG products are designed to meet the most demanding conditions - even life on an oil rig.

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